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Bloody Nuisance

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Joe gets one heck of a bloody nose. Based on this comic strip: http://joegp.com/bloody-nuisance/

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Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDet8SwVjhE

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amazing :v

Really nice

Wow I must say this was really nice work very nice animation and they we're some very smooth lines animation if I ever saw one but you pulled it off well the voice action was really good and you have a nice character design as well by the way nice award win for this particular episode so all in all a nice animation some good moments and nothing really to report on changing or upgrading but a nice style of stuff you do have here

No changes on this one


I see a lot of work was put into the animation, the character's acting was great!
Many of the more 'script-oriented' web series tend to lack a bit on the animation side, so it's great to see how polished this was.
A bit of nit-picking, but It makes me wish there was something like a shadow under the character to integrate him a bit more with the backgrounds.

lmao, really wasn't expecting that! Genius punchline. Wonder if that trial's a consequence of any prior episodes hmm, they've done some crazy things...