The Manlet

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My longest animation to date!

Really not sure how to feel about this one, other than I like the backgrounds and I'm not so sure about the delivery of the jokes.

Sounds from www.zapsplat.com

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Well this was notbad at all some good characters and well made this whole flick looks like you put lots of time into and some of the jokes are pretty funny some of the execution of others didn't go so well but that's something you could polish up a bit but regardless this was still pretty entertaining and I did get a few laughs at this so that was always a good thing so work on the humor and jokes more. It was pretty good stuff

More execution on jokes


So this is purgatory.
a coffee lounge in a psyche ward.

So, I'm guessing you stole sound for the guy who screams and dies from psycicpebbles. Never the less the Manlet was strangely adorable and it was pretty funny.

For a long animation this was pretty short. :P It gets the pun across though, if there is one... feels like the Manlet thing (since it is in title) should have something to do with him ripping out hearts, but he neither acts like a normal human or gets provoked to do anything such drastic sooo, maybe there are multiple meanings to Manlet? Animation was good, creative; bizarre... just feels like the title is a bit misleading if his categorization doesn't serve a bigger role, (if the 'you've been warned' thing is the pun). Keep it going!


DanyellSmith responds:

Thanks heaps for the feedback I really appreciate it! The manlet thing was one of the things that I was really unsure about in the delivery of the jokes. The reason the manlet isn't really a human is that when people talk about manlets (people under 6 foot tall) they tend to jokingly ascribe non-human qualities to them (e.g. aww look at that manlet, all dressed up in a suit and tie, he thinks he's people), much like people used to do with red headed people a few years ago. And the 'you've been warned' thing is really attempting to imply that the manlet entering the store and killing someone is something that has happened a number of times before. Again, thanks for the feedback, it really helps me do better for future projects!

the fuck? disgusting and adorable! 5 stars for you!

DanyellSmith responds:

Hell yeah! Thanks heaps!

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4.31 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2015
5:34 PM EDT