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[TRAILER] Antumbra 2: Chant of Ash

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In this dark hour, my call to action.
Our last stand. Will you join us?
Antumbra 2 as its prequel is a very surreal point-and-click horror adventure game. It has a powerful storyline, immersing audio, surreal graphics and atmosphere thick and sticky like tar.

Facebook: https://goo.gl/LuUsg6
Twitter: https://goo.gl/oikpGe
YouTube: https://goo.gl/G192Vw

Imagine Alice in Wonderland and Silent Hill hooked up and had a baby. And then the baby got adopted by Lovecraft and raised on the board of Event Horizon during its virgin flight. Antumbra 2 is that baby. A creepy, surreal, horror, point and click adventure game with elements from all genres. Its more of a expirience rather then video game. You'll be scared & amazed, disturbed & delighted.

Its an adventure game like nothing else, taking inspiration from things like Silent Hill, Darkseed, Event Horizon, Lovecraft, H.R. Giger, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Hellraiser, David Firth animations, Alice in Wonderland, Planescape: Torment and many many others.

The idea is to make Antumbra 2 to be for Antumbra 1 what Half Life 2 was for Half Life 1 - to take everything what was great in the prequel and expand it, polish it, add new extensions, and basically to make it bigger, better and more badass.
Antumbra 2 is an attempt to bring back from the grave the Adventure/Point and Click genre which over the years degraded into Hidden Object Games with difficulty setting locked on kindergarten level.

►Horror and fear based on psychological level. NOT cheap jumpscares
►NON-linear story
►Five Endings
►Random occurance and encounters, unique for each gameplay
►Huge, surreal and living game world
►Over 200 locations to explore and discover
►Mind bending puzzles, riddles and quests
►Hyper-immersive audio
►New elements of the game as you replay it
►Runic magic based Combat system
►Familiars/Companion who assist your playthought
►Medals and Achievements
►Inventory system
►Everything whats great in '90s adventure games with a modern touch and innovative mechanics
►Challanging difficulty setting so it takes you not hours but days and weeks to finish

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This brings tears to my eyes. Having already played the first one, my imagination's running wild with that long list of features!
I want this Antumbra 2 to be a reality. I REALLY DO. :'(

WHAT? I haven't noticed this trailer till this moment?! I GOT TO GO AND KILL SOMEONE FOT THIS! Also it looks AWSOME! I love those psycho-delic and dark humor aspects! Next time someone please TELL ME THEN ITS GONA CAME OUT cuz I can't wait to sh## my pants! :D

Vilehead responds:

Hahahaha! Thank you Awesome :)
Well, just follow me at facebook or something. I keep posting almost daily.
You won't miss anything :)

You turned me into a fan sir, your innovative, beautifully constructed game have made me looking forward to your next game. Not only because you had some creepy stuff in the game it's HOW you did it. I am a huge fan of horror anything Silent Hill 2 was one of my addictions and the way how you constructed the last one was so beautifully done. I like the references how you can literally fuck up at everything you do. Not only that you make yourself doubt each action I never seen anyone do something this beautiful on a flash game though! On Newgrounds? Nah that's barely heard of.

There is probably 1 other game I can actually say is like neck and neck with you. I'm sure that you
r sequel will blow theirs out of the water. Keep the insidious atmosphere keep the mind bugging riddles the trial and error the sound effects they can only get better. If you get to the point where you can start selling games just know I'll be one of your supporters! Your ideas are great and unique. For me being a writer myself I try to implement some twisted psychological scares but also at the same time keep the reader questioning wtf is going on. Which only creates a better story/game!

I just hope you can continue to create games and keep up all of the fantastic work. I also like the bible references. I think you should reference other religions too to stem yourself away from other horror games which mostly quote the bible. I'm pretty sure you can create a puzzle or something that involves all 3 scriptures Bible, Quran and the Torah which are all closely linked to one another. I just advise you to think out the box just like you tell your players keep the game morbid and tackle the darkest things ever thought of. Just keep up the good work!

Vilehead responds:

Ahhh I love the reviews Antumbra gets. And its not really about them being positive. But HOW are they written. Long, complex, well written, intelligent and brilliant.

Thank you Dom :) I am honored. I just wish Antumbra 2 IndiegoGo and Greenlight would roll a bit better :( With sad I observe how little popularity the sequel gets. Which is a bit mind bugling really. Antumbra 1 was my first game. A sneak peek of what i am capable of. A hint of things to come... And sequel blows the prequel out of the water. Yet it barely gets any attention. Leave alone - funding. I see Potato Salad or recent "Porn-in-Space" campaigns catching millions of dollars. When i am struggling to gather a mare 3000... Is the game really THAT'S niche...? :((


But where is Maximilian from The Black Hole? hee hee (joke) I know there's a similar robot from a similar movie named Sebastian, but I can't remember which movie! ;O

In Heaven, everything is fine. You've got your good things, and I've got mine.

Vilehead responds:

But where is the song?
Where is the melody?
We'll do it together,
Or do we leave it be?
Lets do it anyway
Lets make the world to burn
And from the ashes
A new reality had grew