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Trial and Error 5 Points

Crash 50 times.

Some Stars 10 Points

Collect 40 stars.

Many Stars 25 Points

Collect 80 stars.

The End 50 Points

Complete all levels.

All Stars 100 Points

Collect all stars.

Author Comments

Circlen is a one-button game of skill where the goal is to complete each of the 40 levels by collecting as many stars as possible. Stars are used to unlock later levels, and there are 3 stars per levels. Dodge various obstacles to collect the stars and then travel through the exit portal.

Your circle will start each level spinning in a clockwise direction, and clicking or pressing Z changes direction so you can move around. Fast reflexes are needed, especially if you want to collect all the stars in the later levels. Do you have the skill to beat all 40 levels and collect all 120 stars?


It's a great, original, fun and playful concept. I really liked the gameplay, or at least the main idea, but I do have some critcism. It's never a good design idea to have death animations instead of just resuming the gameplay. Also, it gets too repetitive and hard too fast, the first levels are already a challenge to get through, and I honestly didn't feel like I was having fun anymore after a while.

The good sides do outweight the bad ones, and I think overall this is a good game and specially a great game concept. Keep creating, you're good at it!

Rob you are a fantastic creator ;) 5 stars

Good game, good layout, appropiate music.
But it is really hard! And although the controls were simple, it wasn't always simple to control. And the starts to get to the next level were a bit too strict.

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The way of implementing one-button controls is certainly very innovative. Combined with interesting level design, it provides challenging gameplay, although the patience and precision required after reaching level 10 are a bit too much for me. Also, visual style seems to be too sterile with its limited colour choice and lack of shading. Nevertheless, it's a good submition and I'm planning to play it at least a few times more.

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Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

May 31, 2015
8:57 PM EDT
Skill - Collect