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Reviews for "Circlen"

Good game, good layout, appropiate music.
But it is really hard! And although the controls were simple, it wasn't always simple to control. And the starts to get to the next level were a bit too strict.

Rob you are a fantastic creator ;) 5 stars

Nice game first time playing something like that!!

Very good game. It's unfortunate so few people could get to the end since those are some of the most fun levels. The movement is very smooth and rhythmic, and I enjoyed it quite a bit when I played it last year. This is definitely a game you should try to complete if you can.

The way of implementing one-button controls is certainly very innovative. Combined with interesting level design, it provides challenging gameplay, although the patience and precision required after reaching level 10 are a bit too much for me. Also, visual style seems to be too sterile with its limited colour choice and lack of shading. Nevertheless, it's a good submition and I'm planning to play it at least a few times more.