Lonely Blue Balloon

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As usual, all animation and audio by me, Koit.

However, that said, on this one, my first guest singer - my girlfriend, Tiffsty !

Press S in the top left corner for the subs and if you like the song, download it from the links at the end. :)

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A cute one

So this was a cute one with the story of the balloon and boom there it goes but overall this was a cute film and do wish you would make more simple ones like this so really nice flick here I like the visual on these they are good stuff

Just make more cute films like this one


That was short. Lol. Right as they see each other, they don't even get to know one another. Their just like, I LOVE YOU!! But the end though xD Great job!

The ending was predictable, but other than at I liked the simple yet flit animation, oh and the song is really happy one, in contrast to the ending,

I saw the ending from a mile away :P

I initially didn't think this was that good. The ending came and it was awesome! I was just thinking to myself when you'd make poop jokes. There were none! This is one of the best things you have ever worked on. Yep, that's what would realistically happen to humans.

It's great that you had your girlfriend with this. Hopefully, you won't die like these guys. It's fairly short, but works well for itself. I like how you include the optional subtitles. It can of course be hard to make out lyrics.

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May 31, 2015
5:01 AM EDT
Music Video