Game Grumps Animated - Dan's Minor Circuit

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This little diddy has been in the works for a few weeks, usually on and off. BUT, I finally finished it and I bring you, it, here, TODAY!

The Punch-Out!! series was an awesome one, and I am glad to have contributed to it's awesomeness!

It's also on the Youtube, give it a like!

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Cool beans

And another cool piece here the music was nice but seemed a bit much I do like the idea here and you presented another good game grumps epaiode you seem to have a skill for these game grumps parodies or animations. I did enjoy it I do believe if you change just one thing about this then make it longer and more in depth of jokes but anyways a nice animation regardless of any changes you decide to make

Make it longer and more humor


Music takes over at times, makes the voices a bit inaudible, wonder if that's an addition or the way it was in the original clip? Otherwise, an entertaining Game Grumps short!


FlashStorm responds:

Sorry about that, the music was used to drown out some background noise coming from the voice clips. Also because it's awesome. If the music drowns out too much I am sorry.

Also thanks!

Very funny, good animation and the sounds levels are very nice.

FlashStorm responds:


It's okay, but you really milked that falling segment with Danny. Maybe you could have cut part of that and saved the time of your viewers. Just remember, milking a segment to make it seem more dramatic makes it dull fairly fast. That's about my only problem. You probably could also edit out the ending part you had for YouTube. I have no qualms with the animation quality however. I enjoyed it all.

FlashStorm responds:

Thanks for the comment! I will admit, even while making this I felt the falling was dragged on to long, but I had NO idea what else to put there, I was slumped for a few days some parts!

I will see what i can do about the ending! Other then that, thanks for the advice! Appreciate it!