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Roommates - Dimension Hopping

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(SE01) (EP06) The Roommates hop around various dimensions.

Roommates Website: http://gamerguy64.wix.com/roommates
Roommates Comics: http://gamerguy64.deviantart.com/gallery/51002830/Roommates-Comics
Roommates Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Roommates-by-GamerGuy64/960517653981426

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This was nice I like the narrative about this and the different dimensions is a nice idea it's kind of like colab too so really nice work you should do more of these and keep it going strong anyways nice animation I hope to see more soon

Make more of these


im still hyped for more episodes

EDIT (10/13/18): wow looking at my collab entry from 2015 just made me kill myself 7 stars

What a trip! Entertaining, time-warping, dimensional slice of life dialog-filled narrative. Good episode.


So much of the hilariousness is in here this videomation good boy job