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Box and Crates

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My first 3D animation I made using Maya with some of my friends.

The story is about an orange who wants to get picked from the market, but he ends up getting knocked into the apple crate. After all the confusion in the alien world of apples, the orange is very excited to finally get picked. Little does he know that he's actually going to get put into a lemon crate, where all the lemons are mean and evil.

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no offense but it's kinda weird.

Hey everyone's first animation might be bad but that doesn't mean criticize it

I don't care if anyone posted his first animation, if it's good it's good, if it's bad, it's bad.
The program you used is something that people with small imagination use.
I'm not a fan of drag and drop shit, the only program you should use is one that requires hard work.
Or flash.

could do with some improving, the models are ok for the most part however I think you need to improve on your texturing and timing, also to keep in mind "squash and stretch otherwise you'll get a more robotic look (unless that's what your'e going for), I'd also recommend you check out blender just as a suggestion