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Jurassic Thirst

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Hey, folks!
Long time no see.

I made this short film as part of my Classical Animation program in Vancouver Film School back in 2011, and I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you people like it!

Because, you know. Dinosaurs... lemonade... what's not to like?


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Well this was kind of amusing and yes dinosaurs are great and so is lemnaid lol but anyways good short film here wish you could have added more content into this so nice work maybe think about expanding on to this with more scenes even a few new characters and such but do ad more content because this would make for a much better outcome and feed more results anyways keep up the good effort here

More content more scenes and make it longer


lol, unexpected issues in the life of a T-Rex! XD Nicely done!


poor dinosaur D:

Jectoons responds:

Which one? xD