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Official AppleWatch AD

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Created by KaiPie, comes an (un)Official Parody for the New Revolutionary AppleWATCH! Please... don't stab yourselves.

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I can see a potential here for so much more, though...
I mean, you have a guy with a knife, so the obvious joke would be that he either cut himself (minor) or slit his wrist to see the watch when it 'buzzed'.
What about the guy (or gal) who just picked up a hot cup of coffee, and HAD to check with the 'buzzing' watch, only to pour the beverage into his/her lap... OR ... the person who was specifically to hold a certain ladder, rope, or other piece of hardware... and then the watch 'buzzes' or rings or some other god-awful thing...
The possibilities of what you might've struck upon are nearly endless. This thing can't possibly be a good idea in a society as fast-paced as we (at least try to pretend) to be... Right?
As for the animation... Fluid, simple, direct motions... The audio sync'ed up well... the rest would be an argument over timing and style, so we don't really need to go there, unless you want to... so over all... not bad. Keep working on it, and you'll develop and grow as an artist, capable even of so much more than you have done here... best of luck and wishes...

TheKaiPie responds:

Thank you. Some really nice insight from someone.. finally. I think Newgrounds is definitely better than YouTube at getting feedback. And to some of your points, I see that I could've done more, and those ideas seem really really awesome. The Animation, I've been doing for about a year and a half. I'm working toward more fluidity and frame-by-frame instead of just using symbols. (as you may see, the head is simply a symbol). Thanks man! Appreciated!

Good concept, lmao pretty much sums up how bad iwatch is.

TheKaiPie responds:

Thank you! And yeah, I saw someone try to play mobile games on them, godawful. Thank you for the comment. Newgrounds is definitly better than YouTube at getting nice comments.

i watched it twice, and i'm still not sure what happened.
but yeah, apple watch is garbage, and the future is depressing.

TheKaiPie responds:

The joke is that as the guy was answering his iWat--- I mean... AppleWatch. He swung the knife into his chest. Because the Apple Watch is bad. I see you're point. The future really is depressing. Unless you make it awesome.

This was pretty damn funny XD The joke was simple but effective, I truly hope apple never sues you, keep on animating :D

TheKaiPie responds:

Thank you for a response! I love making cartoons and can see that newgrounds is the place im putting these primarily now. I do, do youtube but i never get really nice and/or helpful comments such as these. And yeah, I hope they don't. Itd be bad for them because they'd be suing something funny.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

May 25, 2015
5:28 AM EDT