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The And pt. 2

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Well this was sort of different here but I do like the visual here and the idea played off well too so nice job indeed you have some cool ideas here and the animation was fun as it flowed along so good work indeed hope you make more like this

For sure make more like this it was an entertaining film


Noticed the Dead Fantasy 3 Reference

No Pt1 on NG? This one definately gets me looking forward to a sequel though, hope that one'll make it here too. Bit strange they all walk up to the edge to commence battle, and then there's the incredibly linear drops and edges, but overall: pretty impressive modeling work and battle to match! Short but efficient.


I'm sure you used some kind of "Drag and Drop shit", I don't enjoy animations that are not completely original.

Sorry young chap!

I thought this movie was kinda neat; However, The anime style doesn't work for this animation in my own personal opinion.

I love you decided to use celshading for the graphics.

Celshading generally looks very pleasing to the eye.

I'm reminded of certain video games that attempt to create a simulation of drawn graphics.

Cel-shading is awesome.

I would have liked to see the three-dimensional models created in a more distinct style.

It's fine to have a bit of an anime influence but it is important to add your own personal twist.

The three-dimensional models can potentially be your calling card.

Your art style is an important key element for becoming recognized for past works.

These three-dimensional models could place an entirely new twist onto the anime aesthetic.

Work on placing a new twist style onto a common art style often associated with anime.

My criticism of the art style used on your three-dimensional models is just a nit pick based on my own personal preferences.

The movie lacked narrative structure and merely focused on a random fight scene.

No clear motive was given for the battle scene itself.

What is the established conflict before the fight?

A conflict is usually established before a fight scene and than finally the events progressively lose control.

Suspense is very important for a fight scene.

I'm honestly unfamiliar with your characters.

Who are the protagonists and antagonists?

Which of your girls are good?

Which of your girls are bad?

The music used for this submission sounds exactly like dramatic classic music.

The music was a good decision.

The sound effects were lifted from Dragonballz and other sources.

The bone cracking sound effect used was great; However, the actress didn't scream in pain.

Much of the vocal sounds for fighting were battle cries, grunts and other battle sounds.

None of the characters really spoken in any actual words.

The backgrounds looked like something out of an old play station game.

I love the cel shading look of your characters.

This was an interesting little fight scene.

Make another episode that more clearly explains details about the characters and story.

Establish your good girls and bad girls.

Add a twist on the anime style for your three-dimensional models.

Make these improvements and episode 2 will be even better.

I hope this review helps with possible improvement.

- Mightydein

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

May 22, 2015
4:07 PM EDT