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Fast and Furry-ous 8

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Stop-motion project with some friends for animation class.
Devadams has some snazzy art over at DeviantArt: http://diehardzelda.deviantart.com/

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Engaging and fun to watch, I hope you make more!

Just as a suggestion in case you do continue pursuing the stop-motion thing. Based on "blue" or "green" screen techniques, you could use wire props to stand the characters up in various positions (like building a walk cycle) and then go back to 'color out' the wires as long as you use wires that stand out just well enough to see distinctly. You could even follow through on the screen part of the effects so you can replace the whole background, like using specifically green wires in front of the blue backdrop... It's still quite a bit of work, so remember to keep most of the generic stuff made so you can recycle a lot....

fun idea ) LOL
Based on real, sure you can make better.
Try to use camera on tripod to make stressless photos!

Good luck!

This movie used a combination of puppeteer work and stop motion animation.

It's a surprisingly effective way to create movies despite the shortcuts.

Animators often use shortcuts for the purpose of sticking with schedules.

Certain animation shortcuts were created to minimize loss of production quality.

The process of creating animation is an extremely slow process and certain shortcuts can often speed things up.

The strings used for walk cycles were often visible in certain parts of the film.

Hiding strings for special effects is a learned skill.

Lighting conditions effects the visibility of the strings sometimes.

String length also effects the visibility of string effects.

The strings you used were a bit short and needed extra length.

The puppet movie wouldn't be impressive without the additional element of your animation.

The combined effect of puppets and stop motion worked well together.

Create more movies using this interesting visual style.

- Mightydein

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

May 21, 2015
7:15 PM EDT