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Jewish Mother Goose #3

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Jewish Mother Goose scolds Georgie Porgie for not dating a Jewish girl. Detectives investigate the "murder" of Humpty Dumb-ty.

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oh man, hahahahaha!
this was so funny!
great job on the humour, and on the cool/odd/funny visuals!
mother goose gave some ''nice'' dating advice to georgie, also teh seinfiel part was hillarious, and i LOVED the humpty-dumpty/dobson and the detective parts.
''crimes?'' ''NOT IN MY TOWN!''
also dobson was a hillarious and adorable character, keep him, and show him in more movies, i think its an original+funny character, and he is a good combination with the ''serious'', angry detective.

overall, a really funny movie, it was cool, do more!

this is getting better.....until the fart WHY THE FART! AHHHH!!!

This was pretty funny, but I'm not sure why there was a split story. Seems to me they should have been two separate shorts because neither are related.

The accents were hilarious, as were some of the faces. The style of the backgrounds and the different animation reminds me of Dot and the whale/kangaroo kids movies.

best thing ive watched...
made me roll on the floor laughing! great job as always pavel!