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Episode 5 - The Condition

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This animation is dedicated to Colin Wyckoff (1995 - 2015)

EDIT: 1st place on Daily Feature!
EDIT: Front page! Thank you all!

Voice actors:





"Titanic - Whistle" - Forceman7

"White Rabbit" - FenixB-dogg

"Horror ambiance (scariest)" - MetroPiano
- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/568223

"EnV - 5000 Strong" - Envy

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this is a beautiful tribute my dude, great job

Very nice

This was some very nice work the humor was great on this one infact made me laugh and chuckle all the way through and made for a good and entertaining film you really know how to make some good stuff and the talent shows off I think adding more randomness would be pretty cool too anyways nice job

As some more random effects more at least


This really is like Kitty's style, but not in Gmod.

haha This definitely gave me some laughs. Also thanks for putting me in the credits and giving me some publicity :)

Oh, please let Gill meet the possessed stickfigure with the hammer and make them fight!