Reviews for "Episode 5 - The Condition"

Just the randomness made it so funny XD


A different kind of conditional condition conditioning as homage for someone who fought his own for so long! The victim doesn't seem to be the one with the problem in this one, but anyway, twas an entertaining short! I never did know Colin Wyckoff (just recently Googled his persona), but may he RIP, seems he'll be a much missed figure.


I cant get enough of this masterpiece series!
And the french aren't mice in disguise.
The mice are germans in disguise!

Alright, this was probably one of the best things I have seen on newgrounds in a while. Keep it up.

I'm gonna write the headcanon now: Gil is one of the Old Ones and is intimately familiar with the swirling abyss of unspeakable madness.