Game Grumps 'Dinkles"

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Nice animation

Well this was a nice animation you have here seems as if this idea and concept has been done before though but you did ad some more to your work and some nice flow of animation really came in handy with a nice style about it I was very impressed with this but a new ideas is needed for something new

A new idea as this one may have been done


Dinkles, the new symbolism for the word nerd! The nerd of all nerds! The dirtiest nerd in the world! The nerdiest word has emerged! Well, entertaining stuff.


Just another game grump film. Nothing new or interesting.

Good animation...but it's been done before.

vlaktemaat responds:


I'm personally tired of seeing submissions based on game grumps.

With that said; This movie was actually surprisingly funny as a nice change of pace.

I don't normally like these stupid game grump movies; However an exception is being made here.

You selected a piece of audio that was completely unrelated to the subject matter of video games.

A lot of video game references are lost on me and certain gags just don't click with me.

The subject matter of the movie was an unrelated story about a handsome nerd.

This handsome nerd embodied all the stereotypes about nerds with the exception of being attractive to women.

The game grumps seem to be very colorful story tellers and has managed to inspire lots of newgrounds animators.

The story really went off on a wild tangent much like a conversation between two friends trying to make each other laugh.

That sort of conversation usually happens inside the writers room rather than be used an actual script.

The absurdity of the story along with the voice acting added a lot of comedy.

You selected a surprisingly funny bit of games grump audio.

The drawings themselves is the real meat of this submission.

The characters had lots of funny facial expressions contributed plenty of humor.

You used plenty of camera angles with your cartoon.

I love the colors selected for this movie.

The colors were appropriate and carefully selected to give an interesting look.

The default background for most of the movie looked a lot like paper.

That is a very neat effect.

The resulting movie was surprisingly good for a game grumps styled submission.

I was entertained.


vlaktemaat responds:

Good review! Thnx

Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

May 16, 2015
8:17 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 17, 2015