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I'm attempting to get back into animating for the first time in many many years.

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Well, good luck on going back to being an animator!

I love the FBF animation.

The poses of the man escaping from the dead ghost mouth looked great and I like the usage of squash and stretch.

The knife flying at the ghost moved too fast.

You sometimes need to slow animation down to make certain movements more easily readable.

The character design of the ghost was a generic Halloween decoration style.

The ghost looked cute.

The outlines of your drawings are black and have a white background.

You went with a very simple look.

It is cool that you have gotten back into creating new animations.

Start creating new movies only when you are having fun and enjoying the process.

If you hate creating new animations than the quality of your work will significantly down grade.

Change mediums and styles if you get bored working on the same thing.

Do whatever is needed to continue enjoying the process of creating new movies.

Have fun and start pumping out those new animations.

Go with the flow and work out those animation as they come naturally.