The Rebel!

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Those things hes standing on are bricks, hes on them for extra height, HAHA!


It sucked

It's honestly better than anything I can do, but it sucks. I think it has potential if maybe it wasn't just a loop. Maybe have him walk down the street and see things he's not supposed to do and then do them. Like he stands on the grass when it says not to and steals something when there's a sign telling him not to. Then at the end he can see a sign saying "No Shitting" so he decides to shit there. A cop comes along and chases after him while he's still shitting as he runs. I don't know, it's your choice, I'm just trying to offer some constructive criticism.

Bull Shit!

The Title wasn't ment to be funny, this sucks ass. Seriously, you can't think of anything at all thats better than some random idyout takeing a dump on a field of grass with a stoner smily sun floating around. Grantid the only thing that ever moovs is the shit that drops almost as if on a timer. This guy isin't rebelling against anything except a few laws that don't allow you to walk around nude. It might be funny if it had music or some other thing going on in it but no. I'm going to enjoy periodically lowering this thing's rateing. This is so bad that I'm accually planning on voteing on it untill it gets blamed. Why? Why waste people's time with this bull shit! No pun intended.


Well i thought i would go off on a good note with your flash but no this was neither funny nor suitable, he was shitting?, like dude you cant have such a shallow mind that, that was all you could think of...

this is pure "shit"


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Well at least the sun is happy... I'll give you a one for being humorous.

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2.17 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2002
10:02 AM EDT
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