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Average churches

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Author Comments

In this video you'll see the routine of an average church

also umm I started newgrounds because I really need a team of "voice actors, other animators, background artists, sound editors" you've seen what I can do if you want to work with me, just message me. By the way I use "anime studio" so I really cant send any SWF files to you only MP4's and the jpeg, png, etc. Hopefully in this video you've seen what I can do. I was a little lazy doing it but I kinda have school. I can do frame by frame as well but that's usually if I have another to motivate me. anyways, thanks for watching and consider working with me.


That was hilarious xD

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It made me laugh! I like it

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KneeKaps responds:

Thank you!!! love that I made someone laugh

I'm not Christian but i understand where this is coming from, i understand the need for donations in a church, and i can understand a small percentage going to the people who work at the church, but i've seen preachers living in the equivalent of a castle,(i'm not counting catholics because i don't really know their customs) wouldn't Jesus prefer that money going to a more selfess cause. Also those preachers i met are nice people, but god are they over confident.
Anywho the joke was funny, the animation, and backgrounds where ok, but they still kept you from that 5 stars, also the person at the bottom who rated this 1 star for being offensive, don't stand for that shit man, if you wanna make a humorous criticism of a group, or just pure humor alltogether, then you have the right to, its not your job to apologize because, someone got offended, especially on a site like this.

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KneeKaps responds:

Omg thank you man!! I really do love positive feedback and you're right about that too. I should be in my own headspace. Forget the negativity. Well, thank you!!

The movie's setting is inside a church.

The red carpet on the floor along with the church styled chairs had an accurate look.

I been inside a few churches and your observations on the inside of a church was surprisingly accurate.

You did a good job on accurately drawing the inside of the church.

The backgrounds still need a bit of improvement since the item holding the body of christ and wine wasn't obvious without close inspection.

I originally assumed that case holding the body of christ was a window with a curtains.

Put more time into drawing each background until it can easily be understood without close inspection.

Your characters were mostly colored white and had black outlines.

You at least avoided leaving uncolored areas and gaps.

You used a bit of shading; However, the shadows lacked clear direction.

A church would have multiple sources of light such as a light bulb, candles and natural light.

You would have to actually visit a church to get completely accurate observation of the location.

That about covers the graphics department aspect of my review.

The sound quality was reasonable quality.

The animation used a few motion tweens and fbf for the mouth flaps.

Nothing spectacular in the animation department.

The real meat of the review is based on the actual entertainment value.

I've often been entertained by unpolished cartoons on this site.

I love the satirical piss take on organized religion.

The movie could be shortened without losing impact of the punchline.

I often noticed a lot of long pauses in this one minute short.

More can happen in a minute than one would think.

I have noted possible areas of improvement for future movies.

This movie was a very silly social satire on organized religion.

- Mightydein

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KneeKaps responds:

oh my fuggin gawd you just made my day!!!!!!!!! Alright I'll try to work more on shading and frame by frame animtaion more than classical tweens this is one of my firsts though so I really enjoy your feeling towards it, it gives me some confidence. Also I am kinda bad with background characters. But thank you!! If you ever need me for anything just ask!! cya!

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Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

May 12, 2015
8:51 PM EDT
Comedy - Original