Buttocks & Thighs

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Buttocks & Thighs is the only shampoo proven to clinically exfoliate through homeopathic miracles to treat posterior dermal flaking (also known as ass dandruff). Worry no more about painful and costly remedies that cause embarrassing stains!

Not sure about live action stuff on NG, but I figure I'll give it a shot. My last cartoon with live action bookends didn't get any flak, so maybe this will be okay too.

WARNING: Contains butts.

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Most of it were "In real life", there was less animation.
I think this belongs to YouTube, no offense though!

Lambtaco responds:

S'alright. This was a test, and I got my answer. I'll likely put the live action stuff on youtube alone, and keep toons and games coming to NG.

Yeah i'm alright with live-action movies if they're well done, but it will have a pretty low score since some people don't like them here.

Lambtaco responds:

I knew it would be low, wasn't expecting a daily or anything, but just how low surprised me.

Pretty hilarious, my friend. Good acting too!

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed it. As long as one person like it, I guess it was worth the upload.

I just finished reviewing another live action submission a little while ago.

I honestly prefer to watch animated submissions because of my own general preference for cartoons.

The video's looked very amateurish because of a lack of lighting.

Polished live action is achieved by doing something called, ''Painting with light''

The part with the guy in the shower looked fake because of the digital smoke.

Perhaps, actually turn the hot water on and use water proof protection on the camera.

Always figure out ways to achieve whatever is needed using practical effects.

I like the animation elements used in certain sections.

I still would have preferred to watch an entirely animated short to be honest.

This was a very silly short film and have noted possible areas for future improvement.

I wasn't expecting to review live action.

- Mightydein

Lambtaco responds:

Of course it looks amateurish, I'm an amateur. I know all about key light, and fill light and such, I just don't have any lighting equipment. Honestly, at the level I'm at now, my lighting goals are making sure there's enough to tell what's going on and prevent grainy looking footage.

Obvious green screen is always going to look fake. It's sort of part of the feel of the bit. The smoke I admit isn't perfect, but it's the best asset I had, and I'm not getting my green screen all steamed up in the shower. I decided the look of the blue tiles was more important than steam, and I stand by my decision.

You don't really seem like my audience, so whatevs.

But I find your review style condescending. You come off like a worn out teacher just listing bullet points. I mean you're not making any effort to form paragraphs with a natural flow, and you're barely putting in the effort to write complete sentences. Thus concludes my review of your review.

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3.55 / 5.00

May 12, 2015
6:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody