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Ninja Sex Party Theme Song Animated

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I'm a Big Fan of Ninja Sex Party and I made an Animation of their Theme song

I noticed that flash camera is not found by this video player newgrounds has. so if you want to see this video how it should look go to my youtube channel to it. thank you

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Not a bad start, keep animating !

It would have helped if you add more background details. Some of the limbs were not moving.
One last thing, some people in the same places move and some not, it feels like you froze time and the main character is the only one moving. I don't love those kind of animation. 2.5 is the best I can give.
I have high expectation from you. I'm pretty sure in the next few years you would be an NG legend.
Just keep improving :)

gamebrojimmy responds:

thanks for the constructive criticism, I will use it for my future videos. I gonna focus more on animation instead of relying on motion tweens.

wow, a pretty awesome music video!
i loved both danny's and the ninja's face expression, movements and actions, they were so hillarious, and this music animation was so well designed and animated, that i enjoyed it alot.
also, it was v. funny!

my only ''problem'', would be the lack of a play-replay button, or of a preloader, since it makes this movie to appear as a loop.
other than that, a solid 10!

do more, you rock mate

gamebrojimmy responds:

thanks for the comment I still need to find out how to but replay buttons in flash, I don't know the program very well yet sinds this is my third animation. but i will try to but in my next video.

I would like to first mention that the cartoon is gonna get a ridiculous level of views.

Including the word sex in the title will guarantee plenty of views because provocative titles are effective.

The title was merely an effective ploy for more views and it is gonna work.

The average newgrounds submission usually gets 100 views or less after passing judgement.

This submission will likely get a significantly higher number of viewership based on the title.

Other tricks to use is including a hot chick in the movie's icon or a high content rating.

These all continue to be an extremely effective tricks to use for avoiding obscurity.

You gotta do whatever it takes to get plenty of views including a lot of shameless self promotion.

You have chosen a very effective eye catching title.

Now onto the actual review itself.

Much of the animation was a mixture of motion tweens, strobe lights and FBF.

You created some run cycles and placed the characters into plenty of poses.

Some of the shots didn't move and simply placed emphasis on the poses.

Much of the animation quality was a mixed bag.

The tween feature was used most often for this animated short.

A tween is an effective time saver for creating animation and can often be a useful tool.

You generally need to place a higher emphasis onto creating detailed drawings whenever the tween feature is used.

Moving clouds can be created using the motion tween and it generally looks great.

The dimensions used in your movie were wrong since a lot of details not meant to be seen were shown.

You could correct this error by either altering the dimensions within your grounds gold.

It is important to enter the correct box size for your movie within the grounds gold.

You could also get around the box size issue by creating boarders around the smaller shots.

The shading in your movie looks a bit off.

Some of the shadows had no clear direction and was likely used to add more polish.

Shading and shadows can often be difficult because multiple light sources are often used.

The song sounded decent and the audio was of acceptable quality.

I've tried to point out areas for improvement on your possible future movies.

The shadows need a bit of improvement, the music worked and the provocative title will guarantee an increased number of views.

Keep pumping those movies out.


gamebrojimmy responds:

thanks for this respond it was a great help. Will try to rely less on motion tweens and use more animations.

nice animating, I like your style!

gamebrojimmy responds:

thanks glad you like it