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I dream dreams

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This is a little compilation of some of the many dreams I've dreamed of. I know the artstyle isn't all that great. It kind of has this barely finished feel to it, but I made it like this to avoild lag as full blown colored animations kill my laptop (sucks really). The quality, it sucks too (i blame my equipment for that heh.. just kidding, my work's real messy).

As for the story, it really doesn't have one lol. Its just 3 dream scenes combined, it just so happens that the way I arranged it luckily made a bit of sense. they're dreams that occured on different nights, so there really isn't any right or wrong on how you interpret this really.

Heres what actually happened in my dreams lol

The firstwas of me peacefully looking across a green grassy field. I looked around to find a few familiar faces, and someone in particular. That person was actually holding someone else's hand and I somehow got jealous, so what I did was that I tugged onto that person's (purple/pink/i forgot who wore which JACKET color) sleeve. They looked at me and smiled, and help me on my fingers lightly, then gave me a smile before finally looking away. For that small thing, my jealousy somehow faded, and I was happy.

the second dream actually didn't make sense the most. The night I dreamed of it had many...astounding scenes lol, but this scene struck me the most...even if it were somehow a christian grey (i guess i try to think of it as some business man now) sinking along side a dozen books.

The last one was the most recent dream I had, it was of me surprising a friend wearing some yellow dress at some party of sorts. The mother saw me first and alarmed my friend. I came to give a friendly hello, but all I got was a cold shrug. I actually questioned there if a friendship was still welcome there, I somehow vaguely got an answer of no.

Bonus, yes I dreamed of purple/pink person again not giving me messages at the last part

As you can see, they really all aren't connected lol, and are actually of different people.

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Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

May 12, 2015
1:43 AM EDT