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Pipa's Quest

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Ouch! 5 Points

Die from hitting spikes too many times.

Explorer 1.0 10 Points

Explore the underground levels.

Explorer 2.0 10 Points

Explore the dungeon levels

Coin Collector 50 Points

Collect 100 coins.

Huzzah! 50 Points

Help Pipa find the treasure!

Author Comments

Help Pipa find the treasure in this platforming adventure. Avoid spikes, use portals to go from region to region, collect coins, and try to finish as fast as you can!

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, use down when you pick up your shooting ability, click the little circle in the corner to see collected medals/total coins. If you can't find enough coins to unlock a portal ~ keep looking! They're hidden all over :3

Pipa's Quest is my first time making a platformer genre of game and also my first time publishing a flash game on Newgrounds. Art/Program/Music done in Inkscape/Stencyl/Garageband. While I didn't get to add as many levels and features as I wanted (had to finish in time for the Stencyl Gam Jam 2015!), at least its playable and I can improve from here.

Would love to know your thoughts, comments, and any feedback on how I can improve and make the game better! Thank you so much for playing :D

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As a first one its actually notbad and somewhat fun, platformer games are always interesting, The visualsd and graphics are notbad the backrounds came off well, Some things could be ironed out more and make it more smooth but overall this is a fun game


Solid platformer - nothing really special - kind of relaxing to play through (the music helps here). Just collect the coins, avoid the spikes & explore.

Didn't mind the slippery movement. Double jump can be annoying when you hit an edge/wall during a jump - it means you don't achieve the max jump height - which is important for some platforms - not a bad thing - just an observation: shouldn't be a problem for good players... although I'd make the double jump a few pixels more - a little more forgiving on players ;)

Recommend adding a story: platformers is a crowded genre - so a good story is the best way of giving a game a bit more depth (I didn't say it's the easiest!!)

Also need to think about do you want it to be a collect-stuff-for-no-real-reason game, or maybe an actual adventure platformer. Simple changes: Instead of coins - power orbs (they could be the bloom of a flower common in these parts...). Need power orbs to power next gate. The ability to shoot is then a special type of power orb... which introduces the ideal of equipable power orbs (destroy weak-rock, freeze, fire, solidify mist, bloom flowers...) thus giving you the opportunity for more terrain types to interact with - and if you can only carry one equipable orb at a time, the opportunity for some interesting puzzles... (OK, so maybe not so simple changes ;)

Anyway - lots of potential here - a solid base to work upon - I didn't find any bugs, and everything worked as expected.

jas7229 responds:

Thank you for your super helpful critiques and thoughts! :)

Sorry for my late reply, been super busy lately!
But I love your ideas! Some of them might take some time to plan, figure out, and implement, but I love the idea of different terrain/orb pairs and incorporating some puzzles/storyline to add an element on top of the basic platforming. Definitely something I am going to look into.

Thanks again for playing and your awesome ideas :D

I have appreciate your game, nice job ! 5 stars for me .

juste two things : (that's juste my point of view)

1: put more coins and more "secret places" to make your medal "coin collector" more interesting ?

2: make a little animation when you hit yourself like a "backward movement" ?

Good luck from France.

jas7229 responds:

Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions!

I didn't want to make collecting all of the coins too difficult so people could actually get them ~ but its good to have feedback on the difficulty of things. Perhaps I will add some more "secret places" to make it that much more challenging ;)

I'm not entirely sure what I would do for a "backwards movement" - but I'll definitely add it to my list of things to think about and see if I can't come up with something!

Thanks so much for the thoughts and luck :)

I must say I liked this game and this specific double jump is quite nice and useful when you get used to it. I only didn't like the slippy movement on the short platforms. Oh, one thing; I finished this game twice already, the final medal popped out, but did not unlock for me. I am also not present on the score list, why?

jas7229 responds:

Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to play through the game (twice!) :D

Hmm, I'm not really sure why the final medal does not unlock/score list post, but I would love to be able to figure it out and fix it! I'm assuming you got all the way to the Congratulations screen where the final score displays? I don't suppose you happened to check the in-game achievements (through the ui button/seperate time played screen) to see if it unlocked there?

Unfortunately, I'm not super familiar with the NG's api stuff so if the medal does pop up but just doesn't register to your account, it means the event was at least triggered in the Stencyl program...and that's about as far as I know. One slight possibility could be that adblock may affect medals/scores if you happen to have that enabled? If not, I guess I'll just have to search for the flaw somewhere along the way and see if I can fix it :P

It's not bad, definitely not for a first try. My biggest complaint is that it has that annoying "character slides around as if on ice" effect that I hate. I did like the fact that the coins were necessary to complete the game. Many such games just have pointless collecting of a random item.

The visuals are nice, but as the reviewer says below, Pipa's size compared to a relatively small window is jarring, especially when you're not sure what you're about to jump into. I enjoyed some of the backgrounds. The castle was nice, and the banners in the final chamber (inside the castle?) The music is a tad over-dramatic, and I ended up turning it off.

I found some of the glitches listed by other reviewers, but there are some others. The one the sticks out the most is that Pipa tends to become invincible. More than once, spikes stopped effecting her, which removed all challenge from the game.

I see a lot more you could do to expand the game. Similar games have other collectibles to unlock portions of the maze. For example, you can't get to certain areas without bullets, but you also need high jump to get to other areas, maybe flight, wall-walk, water-walk, spike-walk to get to others. Some story, maybe? Who is this little vegetable girl, and what is she hunting for? Maybe she collects special powers that let her grow beanstalks to climb and flowers to trampoline off of, opening new areas in the game.

This is a good start. What can you do to make it special? As it is, that game feels like a beta to me, but you deserve credit for make a reasonably fun game. The first thing I would do is iron out the glitches, get a good, well-running experience. I like that you're already looking to bigger and better projects. Can't wait to to see what you do next!

jas7229 responds:

Thank you so much for the long and thoughtful review! Lots of great suggestions :D

It's helpful to see where you agreed with the other reviewer's thoughts; I didn't really notice the size issue as much probably because I already knew where to go, so it's really good to know! I'll certainly be looking at reducing the size/allowing players to see further, fixing up some of the slidy/sticky physics spots, and looking at some of the glitch spots you mention. You really did a thorough job testing the game and I definitely appreciate it.

My hope to to update and add more powerups beyond just the bullets, and growing plants to climb is definitely on the wip list (but it looks like I now have some more fantastic ideas to add!)

Thank you once again for taking the time to provide the incredible feedback ~ hopefully I can use it to make some great revisions :)

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

May 12, 2015
1:00 AM EDT
  • Stencyl