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Rëëkër "Salirophilia"

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RëëKëR is an intense multi-genre electronic project from the creative mind of American songwriter/programmer Kerrin Johansen

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I'm not gonna be an ass about your chosen medium of live action.

All the footage in this movie was your own creation and I will attempt to write constructive criticism like anything else.

A lot of reviews will say stuff about how this video belongs on youtube in a very derogatory fashion.

Newgrounds is generally a good site for getting exposure because every new submission has a judgement phase.

Youtube lacks a judgement phase and the videoes posted are more likely to go unwatched.

Don't listen to those kids saying how your video belongs to youtube instead.

I've often seen stupid speed drawing videoes and all kinds of youtube like content.

If you are actually creating something than it belongs to newgrounds too.

The numa numa videoes were posted on newgrounds before youtube existed.

I've seen plenty of live action submissions posted here.

Now onto the actual review.

The music was some obscure techno song and the visuals did not completely synchronization with the song.

Your chosen medium of live action will make synchronization of sights and sounds to be more difficult.

You can't time images by the standards of frame by frame with live action.

Try to work out the timing by increasing practice of the choreography.

Rehearsal is very important for acting within music video.

The music video acts as both a movie and a dance to the music.

One shot did effectively sync with the music.

A few of strobelight effects placed over the chick shaking her ass synchronized with music in that one shot.

The lighting in the live action movie could use a bit more polish.

A lot of the lighting was very bland and you should have experimented with light more.

You generally need to paint with light to make more polished live action.

Thus the conclusion of review; work on lighting, choreography, synchronization and use plenty of interesting shots.

I hope this review helps with improvement on movies.

- Mightydein

bushknifetherise responds:

Thank you very much. I love your review. And as I am still learning I will do a better job next time. It was a no budget video so i could not afford lighting and used what was available

Newgrounds is a site for animations not music videos shot with a camcorder.

Hey once again i think you wanted youtube, this site is for flash! stop submiting this crap please.

Completely random, nonsensical, and wacky... I kind of like it. To be continued...

Not a flash animation, good video just not for newgrounds