Happy Mother's Day!

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Hey! You're getting to watch animation before I upload it to Youtube! Not really an accomplishment, but whatever. Hope you like it!

Give me some constructive criticism please!

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I liked your other submissions better but generally pleased to see new stuff from you.

Now onto the review.

You often leave a few uncolored areas and gaps in a few of your drawings.

I noticed some gaps near the stairways of some the background buildings.

Uncolored areas is a tiny flaw that can be missed by the animator.

That flaw can be fixed with increased close inspection on your drawings.

The movie's gag is about a mother getting her daughter to wakeup.

I personally didn't enjoy the humor of this submission.

The brush strokes will be improved upon with practice.

The character designs were cute and seemed to have a bit of anime influence.

Your art style is already recognizable since your other two movies shared the same aesthetics.

The backgrounds could use a bit of improvement as well.

Take some extra time into observing your surroundings and than draw what you see.

I've once gone to the woods and took portable art supplies to draw trees.

Drawing what you see will significantly improve your drawings.

Generally drawing and animation is a learned skill.

Keep practicing.

- Mightydein

LightningBolt13 responds:

Thank you, Mightydein. I agree with everything you said. This honestly isn't my favorite either, this was extremely rushed and I had limited amount of time to work on this. If I had a bit more time, this wouldn't have turned out so poorly. And the backgrounds will get better.. I'm just not use to them, because most of the animations I've done before Newgrounds have all had blank empty backgrounds and uncolored characters.

oh my gaaawwwwdddd!!! you draw so cuuuuuutttteeee!!! i just wanna eat them up like they were cookies!!

LightningBolt13 responds:

Thank you X3

Nothing special. This video can't make me feel about Mom.

LightningBolt13 responds:

Make you feel about mom? I could care less :v This is my mother, and she's special through my eyes. Don't understand why you gave me such a low score, I did ask for constructive critism, but all you give me is two sentences that doesn't help at all.

I felt that it was funny and the art style was enjoyable, I felt that a bit more animation would make this be much much better, just a simple question, was the mother naked? the way it was made it seems she had no shirt but nonetheless this was good, but make the animation much more smooth.

LightningBolt13 responds:

NONONO she wasn't naked. She was wearing on a sports bra and some shorts. But thank you!

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4.38 / 5.00

May 9, 2015
9:12 PM EDT