Carpet Harmonica: Shovel

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I needed something to do while waiting on the voice actors for my actual animation (you know, the kind that doesn't look like a 4 year old did it?) so I quickly scrambled this up to mess around. Kind of went where ever with it. Spiderman turns into a helicopter, I mean, what more do you want? ALSO: I swear I saw that this was coming out April 28th or something somewhere when I recorded it. Everything else is inaccurate, so I shouldn't see any complaining!

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Dude, I actually really liked this. It reminded me of Dragon Ball P by Oney Cartoons, so thats something right there. Please keep making more, I def intend to keep a lookout for more short vids by you.

Lightring responds:

Thank you! I actually have Dragonz Ball PeePee as my wallpaper right now! (The Frieza face and Goku staring at each other one) That means a lot! Like I said in th edecription, I was just messing around with this one, but I'll do another parody more refined sometime! Thanks again!

Nice parody, made me laugh a few times =)

Lightring responds:

Thank you! Better here than on my hard drive, right?

Everything is bad from writing, audio, and art. All to be intentional? Very Hipstery

the art style need not change but some colour would be awesome however i did like it all ahahah very nice

Lightring responds:

It wasn't anything I wanted to put a lot of effort into. Just something fun to hold me over, which is why I didn't color it, but thank you!

The voicing's great, but the story, lmao, what a contrasting clarity in story-telling and lack of clarity in the actual story! Animation's pretty basic, but good enough for helping you visualize the imagery. Nice work!


Lightring responds:

Ha ha, thanks! I really had no direction with this, but I also didn't want to just wait around and do nothing! How you described the animation is all I wanted out of it!