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Courage or Coward

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This is my Jr Film. I know it not the best of work but a least I'm diving into animation in my new school than my last. Even when I look at it, there is so much I need to change. Well practice makes progress. There is music I used from here on new grounds, I will go and find the respected authors, if you know them let me know so I can credit them.

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The brush strokes were very sketchy and a lot of the colors had unfilled gaps and areas.

I love all the frame by frame animation used for this movie; However, some of the animation was a bit jumpy.

Smooth animation generally takes a certain level of experience gained from practice.

You used the same shade of white for eyes, paper, clouds, white clothing, ect.

You can improve upon coloring by applying different shades of the same color to many of these everyday objects.

The shade of white for paper is gonna be different to a white clouds, white clothing and the whites of eyes.

The graphics for the sky background can be enhanced by using a gradient and than making the background clouds move.

I love seeing moving clouds in cartoon backgrounds because it adds a certain sense of reality to the world of fantasy.

The city can use a bit of improvement since because the city was drawn as a series of square buildings with windows.

An actual city has many different kind of building structures in a entire variety of shapes.

A city is actually very difficult to draw.

If you live in a city than you can practice by taking some portable art supplies with you and draw your general surroundings.

I like the multiple camera angles used.

The music was a nice touch and the sound effects worked too.

The characters mostly talked with body language; However, the love note would need translation into other languages.

You could upload this flash to non english speaking websites and 99% would still be understood in a universal context.

The movie is passable; However, the movie's biggest flaw are the messy brush strokes and uncolored gaps.

I hope this review provides plenty of useful feedback to directions towards improvement.

- Mightydein

shadowfox234 responds:

Dude thank you so much for this review. Many things had to be change in this animation due to time, even my background artist had to quickly draw the background in a few days due to her finals and the same goes for me for coloring. Next year I'm a senior and I plan to practice over the summer to improve my skills so my senior film will be better than my Jr film.