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This cartoon was an experiment. A little concerned about the length, but I felt the quality of it was enough to warrant uploading to Newgrounds.

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(That midna poster)

lol pretty funny


The movie's lights and shadows could use a bit of work.

I like the glow off of the computer screen acting as a source of light; However the room is not darkened.

The light bulb in the room would be another source of lighting in your scene.

It's difficult to create lights and shadows off of more than one light source.

It takes a bit of practice to work with multiple light sources.

You can practice using one possible light source for the room by darkening the lights.

The brightly colored room in the first scene tells me the lights are on.

I like how the transparent glass effect used on the bong and you likely used the alpha settings in flash.

Those alpha settings for creating transparent graphics are very effective for glows, glass, smoke, ghosts and others.

The backgrounds in the room look to be created outside flash itself.

The wall was likely created in a digital art program such as Photoshop or GIMP.

I noticed the nerd had a lugi figure and wore a my little pony T-shirt.

The nerd's thick glasses would reflect light off of both the computer and light bulb in the room.

I don't get the references on the nerd's posters but they are likely just random drawings.

You made a good decision about including posters because his walls would be otherwise bare.

A lot of your animation was a mixture of frame by frame, tweens and movieclips.

The brush strokes were a bit sloppy in places but generally the overall art is passable.

I hope to have help provide constructive feedback for improvement in the graphics department.

Now onto the movie itself.

Video games and computers are mostly associated with nerds despite these being everyday sources of entertainment.

The character design is based on the nerd stereotype and the voice actor did a very fitting voice.

The nerd voice used is a bit of movie cliche.

The original nerd voices were basically making fun of eccentric individuals with strong obsessions.

A fanboy of grand theft auto with a strong obsession would definitely qualify as a nerd.

The extremely slow download gag is another cliche.

This cliche is about an exaggerated wait time in anticipation.

The nerd waited for grand theft auto to download on his PC so long that he basically turned into a skeleton.

That long wait for the download basically killed him.

The nerd as a skeleton can actually move and can actually respond to sounds.

He can function normally but the download speed was too much for him.

This was a good parody on how the Grand theft auto game is most likely way too big for most computers.

Your movie didn't really strike me as either bad or good.

I would rate it about passable and average at best.

I hope this review provides you with plenty of in-depth analysis for future improvements.

Continue to make more movies, stick with drawing and keep practicing.


MrMattimation responds:

Hi there, thanks for the review and constructive criticism! If you were curious, the backgrounds are made in Paint Tool Sai.

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2.78 / 5.00

May 5, 2015
5:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody