Mario vs. Shadow - Part 2

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This is the second part of Super Mario vs. Shadow The Hedgehog. The characters are animated in Pixels.

Sprites are owned by:
Mark Haynes

Animation made by:

Characters belong to:
Nintendo; HAL Labatory; SEGA

Intro Music:
Starfox - Corneria (Brawl Remix)

Fighting Music:
All Hail Shadow - Crsuh 40
I am... All of me - Crush 40

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i really liked how you used this style of animation but i feel the fighting got old due to the fact that both characters used the same moves.

SpacePea responds:

Thank you. I will try to use different moves next time!

This fight scene was obviously influenced by Dragonballz and it's many tributes.

These dragonballz inspired fight scenes tend to be a dime a dozen on the internet.

I like how the video game sprites were manipulated into having plenty of fighting poses.

You selected well edited sprite sheets; However, I will subtract a few points because the sprites were not your creation.

You did give the original sprite authors credit for their work.

Additional credit needs to go to the original graphic designers for those video games.

Sprite movies are generally judged by a higher standard than drawn movies.

Your audience expects more out of sprite movies.

You can teach yourself how to draw by editing your own sprite sheets.

Get yourself some graph paper for templates for creating sprites.

You can practice by coloring the squares on graph paper and than create those sprites on computer.

Graph paper will help you with creating original sprites.

Old video game designers had to know how to draw to create classic 8 bit/16 bit games.

The sound effects were obviously the very distinctly dragonballz.

Many of those battle sound effects are recognizable and heavily used in other internet cartoons.

I personally didn't like this movie but have noted the effort placed in to it.

I hope this review provides you with useful feedback for improvement and encourage you to try other things.

Better luck next time.


SpacePea responds:

Sooner or later i will create my own characters in that style. But the already existing characters i will have to use from others!

up shadow !!!!!

Great movie! are you planning to make more of these?

SpacePea responds:

Of course! I also have a YouTube Channel that you can look at.