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Doctors of a Democracy

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Low quality video.
Offensive to people who value their freedom.

Democracy has some serious problems. The average voter has no idea what he is doing. If you would bring the democratic system to the hospital it would become a chaos. People have no idea what medical treatment is good for them.

What applies to a complicated job like that of a doctor does also apply to a complicated job like that of a politician.

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The only thing worse than the animation is the voice acting.

A new low.

Simius responds:

Sorry for wasting your time.

The most serious problem facing democracy (especially in the US) is education. Of course voters have little or no idea what they are voting for or against. The so-called leadership in the country has steadily eroded the educational qualities of the country until there simply isn't a qualifiable education to be had anymore. You have to learn the social skills to be able to 'read' people as they speak. Everyone knows politicians lie with every syllable of breath in their being, but nobody teaches how to decode it anymore.
Unfortunately, the serious flaw in your argument is that your system only sets society on the path to the same Orwellian nightmare as any other non-democratic system. "Everyone has equal rights in the eyes of the government up front, but some are more equal than others [behind closed doors]."
Thomas Jefferson warned that in order to sustain a working government there would have to be a revolution every eight (8) years or so. It was supposedly some of the basic arguments for limiting the presidential terms, but I honestly think he meant it (originally) to go much deeper than that, down to a full stripping and streamlining of legislative and judiciary systems... but that's not exactly a popular position on the matter.

As to the animation... Not terrible, but you could seriously use some actual human voices for the doctors at the very least.

Simius responds:

1. I am really happy to see that someone actually decided to review this video, because I worried nobody would, because democracy is the ultimate form of freedom.
2. I don't know anything about politics. And definitely not about the US politics. I only know that the current president is a black man.
3. I never intended to say that politicians are lying or manipulating. With the doctors contradicting each other I tried to make clear that the politicians are uneducated. Some politicians in Holland have barely had any education or have studied something bullcrappy like art history. The first doctor (not William Hartnell) is supposed to represent any politician reaching towards socialism. If he were more educated he would know that socialism doesn't work. But it does sound very pretty in the ears of the patient. And there might be a chance that Larry Granville actually chose that doctor, because it sounded like an easy solution. (But I leave that to your own imagination)
4. A technocracy never leads to any situation as presented in any book of George Orwell. My definition of technocracy being that only very educated people can be elected and relatively educated people can vote. The reason that this scenario could never have been completed is that people are so obsessed with freedom and see it as unfair that plebeians don't have any sort of prestige, like a little kid demanding from his parents that they should go on holiday at least eleven times a year.
5. I'm psychic and know that within a certain amount of years my kind of acting will be quite popular. It's called simiatic interpressionism (approximately). It was quite popular among North-eastern vultures of shady pre-creation-stuff, who didn't exists and were despised, but not quite. But yeah... You're right it doesn't really sound very human... But my voice is personally quite human. Because I've been born as a human, so it must be quite logical. Still: I could solve that problem by starting to play mentally retarded people. But than again: it's almost the same thing as politicians...

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4.41 / 5.00

May 4, 2015
3:54 PM EDT