Hank Hill: ProPAIN

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Just something I made for a bit of fun

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disturbing as ever

Well that was... bizarre! Not sure if there's a moral here, if there's some profound artistic message, or if it is more the play of expression it seems to be. It's disturbing, it's awesome, but with the final phrase at the end... it feels like there's something more to be understood than the facial transformation. Nicely animated though!


i thought this was hilarious a little too disturbing but it made me laugh pretty hard i like

I hope I find something better than this today. It's stuff like this that gets rated based on how crappy it was, and it gets a good score for that same reason. I gave it 1 star cause of the good animation, but this flash was solely pointless in all it's worthless meaning.

LousyPandah responds:

If this animation had 'worthless meaning' then calling it 'pointless' would be a contradiction because by definition 'pointless' means 'meaningless' as in having no meaning, worthless or otherwise. So in a nut shell, you should learn what a contradiction is before writing a review

I love all the frame by frame animation used to manipulate the facial muscles in hank hill's face.

It looked like king of the hill but also had it's own twist onto mike judge's art style.

I've always wanted to see more cartoony facial expressions in the animation of king of hill and your short provided an entirely new interpretation.

Parody based on hank hill is still surprisingly common despite the tv series ending years ago.

This is one of the better hank hill spoofs.

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4.16 / 5.00

May 2, 2015
10:09 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody