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It's Permanent: Tattoo Tu

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Master tattoo artist Alex Masson and his loyal apprentice Tucker do a tutorial on what getting a tattoo is like, featuring the illustrious Sister Bernadette.

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you got a really nice art style keep it up!

First, the actual animation quality was fine. There was plenty of detail, and it was still basically fluid. Voice acting was consistent and 'sync'ed appropriately. While it could use a little polish for a nicer finish (well... um, couldn't about all of them?)...
The content was relatively informative, and there was the proper notification that there are more techniques out there as well as styles, so you've done fine in the information department. Frankly, I don't know that I'd recommend a rice-cooker for sterilizing equipment, I'll have to admit. Most of the shoppes I've worked with or been to used an autoclave. It's a little more expensive, but it practically guarantees the clinical level of sterilization. Most artists I know agree that it's worth the investment... Otherwise, you've pretty well covered the whole process.

However, as to the 'more work' part... You might consider adding in a scene or two of just the tat' and the artist's hands working through linework and shading techniques, to give a little overview of exactly how those processes are carried out, working the machine around and upward instead of around and down (the way most might sketch with pencil or pen)... And you could even throw in a few different needle groups for their effects on the colorations, shading, and patterns by the stroke... Admittedly, that's a fair amount of animation and work, but you've done so well thus far... why not make a more complete tutorial...
Anyways, for my two cents' worth, I do hope you revisit this again... Remember to relax and breathe in the meantime. Rome wasn't built in a day, and you will learn, grow, and build on your art... Just keep up the good work.

UZ-Cartoons responds:

Thanks for this critique. I may make another video in the future that looks deeper into the actual tattooing. What this video covered was more of everything that leads up to the tattooing, which most people don't know about or overlook.

I have been wondering about the process behind tattoos for a while. This was a good guide, with plenty of entertaining along with the infomercial. Voicing is good too, though it feels like the clarity isn't always the best; the volume not always very balanced. A little equalization might take it a step further! Nice work.


UZ-Cartoons responds:

Yeah, truth be told about the audio is that that half the time I was recording I was pretty drunk to get into character.

I Liked it

Really cool man but needs a bit of work

UZ-Cartoons responds:

I do concede to the work, it is my first cartoon and I have a lot more to learn and implement.