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No man's land EP 2 - Wake

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i've worked really hard on this as always so i hope you will enjoy it!

In a forsaken world like this, where dead people reign, you have to make allies to stay alive, but the dead aren't the only ones you have to be afraid of.

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Dude you are getting so much better at your craft. Seriously. Your use of camera work, framing, and lighting is on point. Keep at it buddy :)

Nice par two on this ambienttly animated adventure in an apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Looking forward to the next one!


good job man realy did a good job

Diotoons responds:


a very good action-movie, filled with intense moments, nice fights, and a festival of bullet action.
all of the characters were well drawn, and the protagonist with the fake-mohawk/bandana is a really cool guy! he even saved that dude that got shot!
i was afraid for a moment that the injured/shot guy would turn into a zombie, but thankfully the hero escaped safely.
this was a good movie, and it had action and a very cool story.
do more like this.

Diotoons responds:

wow, so much positivity! thanks man! i'm glad you liked it (: