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Glider Cat

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Glider Cat is similar to life itself, we are all just trying to make it from A to B in a beautiful yet dangerous world. Help our main hero Tidus maneuver between the obstacles to survive as long as he can.

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Yo sloopykris you wouldn't know a good game if you did wake up and slap you in your fat face maybe you should stop huffing paint and make an attempt to design your own game once you do that then get back to me so I can wipe my ass with your shit ass flash game over all not a bad game seeing as I know the person who made this and did it in such a short time

Cool game, the menu is cute!

Wow, this is going to be the next Nyan Cat/Happy Birds!!! Great game! Can't wait to play more of your games.

*wakes up in a haze and notices a paper bag lined with gold spray paint next to him*

Wha... what happened? What the hell is this nonsense on my screen. Looks like a shitty Nyan Cat/Happy Birds attempt.

1.) dont crossfade so long
2.)there is no goal, right?
3.) nice work, but i found a "bug": the more you click, the more often you jump, regardless of where you are or when you click. So i could click 1.Mio times an the char would stay at the top of the screen for along time, This also obs you of your ability to dodge.

allendavi9 responds:

thanks so much for the feedback i will get to implementing the changes asap

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4.20 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2015
6:19 PM EDT