AMA 3 Animated Preview

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Well first of all, if you blam this I'll understand, this is not really a movie, just a ''preview'' or ''trailer'' for the third episode.
And honestly, I did this just to see if my fans still care about AMA 3 :P

EDIT: Also that guy isn't Saucy, just the villain for Episode 3. I just based him on the fancy look of Saucy

Also, it's in the category ''Other'' because I didn't know in which category this would fit.

Watch the previous episode: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/646279

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I wouldn't mind seeing the real thing some day. :) Animation quality sure has improved, as has M19's suit! The text no longer quite as noticeable. XD Nice little promo. Though, seems like the second was removed? Copyright issues? Maybe same thing for this one if you uploaded it shortly after...? Do hope you can publish those again, with other audio or without audio, whichever way is easiest. Good stuff.


my weakness for animating the madness figures is... the feet. THEY LOOK LIKE THEY'RE WOBBLING AROUND AMG I NEED HLEP11!!11

hmmmm AMA is good but eduna looks like lump background sucks and throwing looks werid but AMA is always good

madnesia19 responds:

This is a random preview, it's not meant to be good

Why does this remind me with tom and jerry?

madnesia19 responds:

Maybe because of the sillyness lol

I loved that show

Awesome! :D

One of the best things about your movie is probably having a storyline ,and not just random killing.
Can't wait for part 3!

madnesia19 responds:

Thanks :D