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Everything Pico Day

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We all know Pico is a portal-hoppin', Nene-lovin', fearless warrior, right? But what if he wasn't? What if he only survived Pico's School through adrenaline and dumb luck? What if only Tom Fulp's games were canon and Pico wasn't REALLY the hardcore rebel Pico Day flashes usually make him out to be?

...But he was still expected to please his fans.


Made it to the front page for a while, thank you Tom and/or anyone else who runs that stuff. I'm pretty stoked about that and really glad so many people are enjoying this! Thanks everybody!

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well I was really enjoying this due to pico being my secound fav subject on this site but then it reminds me "oh shit" naw salad fingers was my secound fav thing and the auido could of been a little bit louder im guessing thats why you had the sub text but I agree with this pico !) stay away from the suicidal chicks and 2) picos school "click" I would of rated higher but you disrespect salad fingers with a low blow "i dont even know why" well salad fingers has way more theorys than pico like salad fingers is based in the future about zombies and pico is well.. a cartoon based off school and killing other cartoons theres no room for theorys with pico


todavian recuerdan pico :,)


Buuuut, landing on Nay-nay's knockers can be a pass too!! No? Aww.

So much fan-service.

(Wait, her name's Nene?!)

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4.40 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2015
8:11 PM EDT