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Sexy DJ Sona

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DJ Sona shaking her ass infront of thousands of people. She cant speak, but her butt does all the talking for her.
You can get the full pictures over at http://www.shadbase.com/dj-sona/

Also make sure to follow me on Twitter to get notified of my new drawings, comic pages and animations: https://twitter.com/Shadbase

Original Time taken: About 4 hours
Music: DJ Sona Kinetic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eP8NI9d6Zo

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Wurk those art assetz!


yea and each minute of video took around 1 hour for him to do. of coarse it looks easy! XD
I still find it amazing you only use paint tool sai and it looks this good. I know sometimes you use photoshop, but this entire pic was produced in paint tool sai.

boggles my mind dude!

Putting her ass up on the screens at the top was fucking hilarious. The detail put into the DJ dashboard was on-point.