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IMO 6: Culture in Europe

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Enough vague retelling of history and politics, this week I've gone back to my natural roots of spouting my half informed opinions in all directions. All art used/historical photographs are the property of their rightful owners.

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I see the good intention in this but you seriously SERIOUSLY CAN'T talk about European culture without at least taking in consideration the SPANIARDS.

Remember Spain was the hegemonic and cultural potency between the XV and XVII century, and deeply influenced the arts in other countries, and kept doing so even when it wasn't a potency at all (Remember DalĂ­ and Picasso with surrealism and cubism, or Miguel de Unamuno in literature).

If you know little about Spaniard culture, I invite you to learn more about it, specially in painting, architecture and literature, and also with music and even cinema (please don't think about Almodovar and Amenabar, we have better directors).

Apart from all those white borders appearing around the canvas, this was nicely presented! Seems to focus more on art and the more visual aspects of accomplishment (would've been cool to fit in some inventions, some of the more practical and by most unknown achievements of certain countries), and only a select few more popularly artistic European countries, but it was an entertaining episode nevertheless! Nicely narrated; displayed, at times with an overload of artistic info it would've been nice to pause and read more of. Keep it going!


this was a very nice movie about the history of art, litterature, and music (all of them being art creations), during renaissance. starting from the fall of the (eastern) roman empire, to the gradual (artistic) awakening of the european nations, it gradually became a beautifull era full of art, creation and inspiration.
its true, england france and italy created many legendary things, and germany did good music (thanks to bethoven, mozart and bach), and generally art had a really good moment.
i hope that art will continue to grow and to develop, even today!

you did a good documentary, and some moments in this were hillarious, the name-jokes, the small puns in every moment, and the ''DAT ART'' had me laughing all the time!
oh, and the ''london'' tower with his arms streched was a cool thing, i liked it alot.
a good documentary, with the right dose of humour and information as usual.
(i loved the TNMT reference through the arts... epic. and clever)

good work sir, you did a good job.
keep up the good work.
(those series, ''IMO', are a very good idea for a series.)

Captain-Ganto responds:

Well goddamn, thank you matey. feel free to look at the other episodes