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Lost Buds

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made in 3 days

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Can't help but wonder if this wouldn't have sounded even better were you not so stoned for the recording session. :) Incoherent and not sublimely rhythmical rap, but that factor of random does entertain! Nice animation at the start too.


Jae responds:

haha thanks!

don't BOGART the joint, dog!

Jae responds:

Hahaha i know right?

This is what happens when you combine an extremely talented animator, weed and 3 days. You make a surrealist rap involving talking shit. Literally.

Everything that Jae makes more or less represents his life as a stoner, and it is wonderful in every single way. Now it's 420 blaze it day, best day of the year and is tim to rape about the Zeldas.

Jae responds:

aw man gee thanks man gawsh

meh, half decent

Jae responds:

the other half was also decent

you sound soo high right now.

Jae responds:

now, then, and every time.