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Primal Champions

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Author Comments

In a world where ancient & legendary warriors train themselves in the style of Animals of the wild, One of these “Primal Champions” turns to the dark side. It now falls to the remaining warriors of the primal order to track him down, and bring him to justice.

With many unique worlds, colorful characters, imposing enemies, and a fully voiced cast, Primal Champions is a unique animalistic adventure that will excite and thrill you!


Thanks a lot for all the comments and thanks Newgrounds for the frontpage!

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For sure gotta grind on this game here it's a pretty nice game and very intense but really fun and that final boss was pretty tough


The game is fun, but the final boss is just unwinnable. I cant even figure out how to get to the brunx pier or whatever its called. the final boss does too much damage and kills you almost instantly after he transforms. even using primal power wont work.
i used cog and tindra, thought the toughness would help, but of course, it didnt. game seems pretty unwinnable to me. anyway, fuck this game, 2 hours spent playing just to find out i cant fucking win. awesome.

It's so much of a grind fest, I had to play the game while watching videos during the hour I wasted.

The quests have no rewards. The voice acting is pretty scuffed. There's no interactions with NPCs other than "fight me, scrub!" or "let's drink!" Fighting is mostly push buttons and wait, even when you level up and get abilities. Traveling between nodes is a second too long. You can't adjust the volume levels for the music, voices, and sounds.

By "unique worlds" I hoped there to be more to exploration than go monotonously node to node. If the player had more interactivity, items, or even puzzles to spice things up, the game would be more enjoyable. It feels really bare bones as it stands.

This game is good. However, I think this game would be even better if there was a (not sure the correct term) a non-real time battle option. The time orders go so fast, I just basically spam the keys, and there is really no time for strategy. I also wish that I could have more people in my party. This is really nothing big, but I am a bit curious about how much experience monsters give. I noticed some of my character would level faster, but I could not figure out how.

It can be better.

I would recommend would improve the art of the game (that's the least), the only good thing I found is the combat system, I found the story a little loose, the controls are not very comfortable and found some bugs. I hope they improve the game would be interesting.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2015
4:57 PM EDT
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