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DWO - Pilot Episode

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Dragon and Weed Origins, Season 1, Episode 0 : New Start
Episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/JaFUfMyYbzQ
Official website: http://og-zone.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OGZONE
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OGZONE.Digital

Creator: AxelTheAs
Translation Team: Christophe Demarcq, Théo Duvernay, Héléna Morgane

Dragon: Jordan J Scavone
Weed: Ryan Lawhon
Rose: Anairis Quinones
Narrator, Gregson-Mitchell: Connor Colquhoun
Jimbach: Maurquice Straughter
Dumby, Hidden face guy: Jacob Cimba

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Fantastic background design, appropriate sound effects, good voice acting, smooth transitions good camera angles used within the movie.. That was a very distinctive animation style for what I usually see for stories like this which was fascinating. Excellent facial expressions for each line. 7:00 That was a really cool camera angle, I don't really see that often. 7:43 That was awesome work with the hair physics. At 8:45 and 8:49 their faces are hilarious! At 3:02, I would take a beat for that line. Lip sync could use some work as well, even though I can imagine using this animation style is difficult. Voice acting also seems a bit amateurish at times as in I don't really see the lines delivered in the tone they would usually be, not sure if that's suppose to be comical or not but I'll take a half star off for that. Still a concrete job though, especially for the first episode.

I mostly love this because of the vocals, music and sfx. Awesome work.

Intensity notch moved to "shit yeah."

Awesome voicing and visuals here! There's a lot of speech and not much going on otherwise, but as a presentation for the various characters it works well, good pilot.



AxelTheAs responds:

Glad you've liked it, thanks!