Zombie Cage Fighter

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I made this fan animation based off an idea from former UFC fighter Nate "Rock" Quarry. I heard him on an interview talk about his idea of a zombie vs. human cage fighting organization where the rules are "Humans, no biting. Zombies, mostly biting." Made me laugh, so I animated it.

He took notice of the animation and called me soon after in appreciation. We talked horror movies and comic books. He has since made a comic book and various merch like t-shirts and patches which you can find at


Incidentally, this animation is based on is Nate's amazing comeback fight against Pete Sell in the UFC (highlight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X95GYN-aRY)

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if i was up there i wold be like nope nope nope

A stupid fight!haHa^^

haahha ! Dope !

Wow that your animation make me wonder to follow u

rubberonion responds:

Thanks! Go ahead (= ... the heart with the + sign on it next to my name on the left is how you do that here. Or "RubberOnion" everywhere else (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc...)

Loved the original when I first saw it, loved the update. The shockwave/ripple from the punch is one of my favourite parts. Just a small piece, but it adds a lot to the power of the punch and makes the slow motion section feel a lot more natural.
Needs more Sonic or other characters, though. Also, I felt I was cheated, because I thought I would learn more about how zombies cage fight... blah blah blah

rubberonion responds:

now THAT's someone who follows my work haha nice parody of the random weird negative comments I've gotten recently that really made me laugh

also thanks for the comment! the update was more complicated than I had thought because I animated it originally on 3s so for these scenes I had to pick which shots would be animated on 1s and which ones I could animate on 2s (which still required me to shift around the timing of the existing frames or delete them entirely to do so)