LAKE: On The Swing

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This here is my music video I made for my favorite band, LAKE. A lot of people would know them as the band who made Christmas Island, the song featured in the end credits of Adventure Time (not the Jimmy Buffet song...) Of course I don't own this song, so please support them buy buying their awesome tunes. Link below baby!!!


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Your drawing style is really great, but your animating needs a little work. The animation aspect looks fine, but some of the movements seem a little stiff and unnatural. Overall, the video is great.

I love your art style.

I love the colorful backgrounds and how you carefully shaded everything.

It had a simple look yet many of the drawings shown a lot of effort.

The video was creative and had an easy going pace.

The music combined with the animation induced a feeling.

That feeling was a sense of peacefulness much like the tranquility of mother nature.

Interesting music video.