Couch-Potatoes Eps.1

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I'm starting a new series: Couch Potatoes it's about two lame guys (couch potatoes). I put a lot of effort in it so don't just vote it off, and please review this movie.
Don't take the country music too serious ;) Enjoy


oh my gosh

that elephant was so random and funny


On top of the animation-needs better writing.


Just..... no. I'm sorry, improve on your own and start getting to know flash better. It takes a while. I started myself in an art class and all i had was programming experience and could only do stick figures while my classmates mate great art animations. Except mine could jump and run and fly while theirs only.... stood there. Just play with it more, dont be afraid to read tutorials and such and play with code.

It was okay

Being your very first animation it wasn't bad, but I suggest doing the following:

1: Try to improve your animations. Try to make the out lining of the characters smoother or straighter. Also, try to work on the main characters movements such as waving, grabing, lifting up arm e.t.c

2: use a different variety of music. Some people are a fan of country music, some are not. Also, there was another type of music in the beggining which was the only music in the entire episode which did not sound country.

That aside, your voice acting worked suprisingly well and the plot/storyline was solid.

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what wrong with u

u need help this bites!

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3.22 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2002
12:29 PM EDT
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