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Fay- Dad's Room

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This is my First ever Animation. I made this using MS paint and WMM so yah. This is my baby for now so be gentle. I just moved into Flash and am still trying to GET THE F@%ING THING TO WORK!! AAAAAAAAH! lol any ways, Enjoy it for what it is.

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Even if this is the first one. I have to say, this is actually my favorite. It's fucking hilarious. Also, that TV in the background is drawn pretty well for using MS Paint. I have 2 questions: Is that painting a zombie Boxxy? And do you take inspirating from David Firth? :3

willcamick responds:

Yes that is zombie boxxy and I know of Salad fingers but I feel like David had little to no influence on my Idea though some might think so. Its simply because its bad animation that happens to be dark. Fay was something I drew in middle school and is a bit of a reflection of my self. I was picked on in middle school so I started drawing comics at lunch. The comics where of Fay getting revenge on His/Her bullies. One time I drew Fay shooting up a school and my teacher found it. I was called to the office and had to see a therpes off and on for 2 years. One thing lead to another and my life was turned up side down and backwards. So to me Fay is the deep seeded black tar of my self. Kind but filled with blind rage just waiting to get out lol.

I have no idea why I stayed watching this to the end...I look forward to the next episode when yo uget Flash under control.

willcamick responds:

Thank you! Im glad you gave it a chance ^_^ I promis it will be much better when I get things on the go.

Great first animation! Hope to see more of these! I am willing to play some characters as well, if want. I actually thought this was wicked funny, but at the same time, had some sort of...back story to it, almost like a psychological meaning to it. :D

willcamick responds:

THANK YOU!!!!! YOur kind words really help me out and thank you soooo much for the 4 stars. My next one will be much much better ^_^ again thank you.

pretty bad

willcamick responds:

ok. I did worked really hard on it. I hope to do better next time :) Thank you for your review.

Strange. The animation is a bit choppy. Keep it up!

willcamick responds:

Thank you and I will :) EEEE! My first comment ever! And 2 and a half stars is not bad at all. Thank you.

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3.53 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2015
4:38 AM EDT