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ZP Adventures Episode 1

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Author Comments

Hey, guys! Did you know that I am a Self-Insert freak? Well, this for some reason, is a parody of sorts of Self-Insert fanfictions, while also being one itself.

This is the first episode of a series based on Zero Punctuation, the web series by Ben Croshaw and Escapist. Here, I did my best Yahtzee impression to star as the somewhat jaded and hot-tempered videogame critic legend.

This animation is also special because it spent about 2-3 years in Development Hell, mostly due to procrastination. It also has no 'script', so everything is pretty much freestyle, like Sonic Zombie. I wonder if that negatively affected the story?

Zero Punctuation (c) The Escapist.

DISCLAIMER: I do not know Yahtzee on a personal level, blablablablablah... enjoy the show.

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Add more colour =P

TMNTSam responds:

I was actually emulating the original style of Zero Punctuation (well, the ART style, anyway).

Anyway, I have an idea for three more episodes and I think they'll have more colour.

If this is your voice work. GOOD JOB! The animation ..... Eah. Ill have to check out your other stuff for sure. Keep up the good work.

This was funny and enjoyable, the music scared me t the start but still really good
The animation is and the voice acting and script is awesome and I cant wait for more.
Good job man

Voice acting is a little indistinct, and the backgrounds and characters are a little bland. Other than that, not too bad!