Another Planet 3

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Episode 3: The Splitter

On Another Planet, anarchy is the consequence of the physical limitations of a species of tiny people who can jump high and conduct static.

Solace and his test subjects attempt the assassination of the Dynasties Bartholmhew and Zakary. The first attempt was mysteriously sabotaged, while the second takes a tragic twist.

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The voice acting is amazing here
well done!

The animation is better than everything else I've seen today, which is one thing. However, the animation is good. Especially with the fact that most of the backgrounds are photos. And you used them well too. You didn't use it to the extent of "The Amazing World of Gumball", but I'm pretty sure that this isn't being funded by a TV channel that has millions of dollars and many shows with good ratings. People may criticize this because it's made with stick figures. Wrong. You should criticize it for it's faults which this does have, but I don't have time to do that and I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear about it. So... yeah. Nice job. I'll watch part 4.

LetThereBeLenny responds:

This is the best review ive seen all day! Im really just one guy on a computer and shooting footage

Good story, but the voice acting is almost indistinguishable from the storytelling, and from other individual characters in places. Try panning the audio a little differently. Other than that, keep at it!

LetThereBeLenny responds:

I know theres not much nuance in voices between the characters, but the narration is actually Solace reading his notes