Sally Broken Heart

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I drew this drawing of Sally crying and ripping off her journall and love letter from jack since he decided to go on a different path hope you enjoyed this :)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Ys_U… that the link to see the timelapse process trough this drawing thanks for watching

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a very very good drawing of jack, i liked the shading and the design of the curly hill, and of jack's trusty dog as well!
overall, this was a good video, showing how you did this good drawing.

i am impressed that you did this only with pencils and without digital means. you get extra points in my book.

you are good, keep up the good work!

Bloodyanimation responds:

whoah thanks i really apreciate it it means a lot to me

I seen a lot of these speed drawing videos on youtube.

I like a lot of those speed drawing videos because it gives you a chance to observe different drawing processes.

You seem to draw straight ahead rather than create the skeleton of that drawing first.

Were you drawing from memory or using reference material?

Drawing can often be a very slow process and I assume it took patience to edit your video as well.

You could include stats about the time it took for creating your drawing.

I will assume your time would be around a half hour.

Including stats about time, art supplies and other things would create a more interesting speed drawing video.

Maybe the next video might be more interesting.

I hope these suggestions help with creating a better speed drawing video in the future.


Bloodyanimation responds:

thanks men i will give more stat next time and i hope you enjoy this

woow great artwork a little to fast for the video but the rest is awesome men you are an amazing artist

its AWESOMMMMME !!!!!!