Game Grumps Animated

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Thanks for watching my very first "Game Grumps Animated"!

This video was made in 24 hours! (Just like my previous video)

The Origininal 'Toon Grumps' episode: http://bit.ly/1Gdi0hd

This Video On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8MiSGhDiuY

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Love game grumps

Hmm, bandanas covering mouths to simplify lip syncing maybe? That's a new approach. :) All in all a nicely animated; pretty entertaining Game Grumps short!


OHitsDewald responds:

Thanks dude! I had no idea what else to do with the "RubberNinja" character's face, but it came out well haha.

lol this was funny cant wait to see more from you.The Gamegrump guys are funny as hell its always nice to see animations of them. There are many and I think this is one of the better ones.

OHitsDewald responds:

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the kind words! I plan on making more, and better ones in the future! :)